What is pigEbank

pigEbank is a web-based kiosk that allows cash users to insert their cash and receive those funds back in a digital form. Our kiosk incentivizes cash users by providing loyalty perks that can be redeemed in your store.

Easy Cash Conversion

Increase Customer Loyalty

Significant Cost Savings

pigEbank Features

Cost of Cash

Eliminate the cost of cash by
promoting digital transactions.

Customer Loyalty

Gather the necessary customer information while increasing loyalty participation.

Seamless Conversion

Allow customers to quickly convert their cash to digital in your store.

Fast Facts on Cash

Cash Cost 15% Per Cash Transaction

“Of this 15% cost, 56.4% is from opening and closing drawers, 34% is due to bank related fees and processes, and 9.6% is from time spent on discrepancies in balances related to cash shrinkages (theft)”

– IHL Global Research Group

$96 Billion spent on cash handling activities in the US and Canada.

“Over $96b was spent on cash handling activities in retail in the US and Canada. To put this into perspective, this is greater than the annual GDP of Ukraine”

– IHL Global Research Group

Transactions increased by 5% - 15% per hour in cashless stores

“By going cashless, businesses can decrease costs, reduce opportunities for theft, and offer customers a faster, more streamlined transaction experience”

– Cash Product Office (Federal Reserve)

30% of all Transactions are done using cash

“ On average just under 30% of all retail transactions are cash with a range of 12.5% to 41.1% of transactions per segment “

– IHL Global Research Group

33% of U.S. population is unbanked or underbanked

“106 million individuals in the US are either unbanked or underbanked meaning these groups either do not have a bank account or regularly make non-bank transactions”

– Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pigEbank work?

pigEbank is a self-service kiosk that allows your customers to enter your business, insert their cash into our kiosk and receive those incentivized funds back either via their loyalty app or a giftcard for your store or restaurant. They then continue on with their normal experience.

How does the incentivized funds work?

pigEbank encourages consumers to make this cash to digital conversion with 3% additional funds added to their cash deposit into our kiosk. In order for the customer to receive these additional funds they will need to provide us with some information such as phone number or email which will be provided back to your business or loyalty program to help with your targeted marketing efforts.

Does this require any additional training of my employees?

Nope! pigEbank is 100% self-service and will be handled entirely by the pigEbank team in terms of the cash pickup and any software or onsite maintenance.

What does the installation process look like?

We start by surveying the business and working with you to pick the best location for the kiosk. A group of trained kiosk experts will then come and install the kiosk based on our initial site review. On the backend we will work with your business to ensure the funds are sent to either digital gift cards for your store or directly to your store’s loyalty program.

How do I get started?

Email us at info@pigebank.io or by using the Contact Us below to be connected to a pigEbank expert who will work with your business to customize your kiosk and start saving your business money.

Contact Us

We’re here to help with any questions you may have about pigEbank and our business. If you leave a message below with your contact information, a pigEbank team member will respond shortly!